Tree Bark Identification

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Red Pine, Pinus resinosa. Non-native to Indiana, this pine is also called the Norway pine.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Sassafras, Sassafras albidum. A member of the Laurel family.

Blackgum, Nyssa sylvatica. Also known as black tupelo.

Northern red oak, Quercus rubra

Chinquapin oak, Quercus muehlenbergii.

Black oak, Quercus velutina. Also known as the yellow oak, the inner bark was once used to produce yellow dye.

Black locust, Robinia pseudoacacia. Native americans used the wood of this tree to make hunting bows.

Eastern cottonwood, Populus deltoides.

Bigtooth aspen, Populus grandidentata. Southern Indiana is at the southern edge of this tree's range. A member of the willow family.

White pine, Pinus strobus. This is the state tree of Maine, the Pine Tree State.

White oak, Quercus alba. As with all oaks, this is a member of the beech family.

Pignut hickory, Cayra glabra.

Shagbark hickory, Carya ovata.

American Elm, Ulmus americana.

White ash, Fraxinus americana. Highly valued as a veneer for furniture.

Tulip tree, a poplar. This tree can reach a height of 200 feet. This is the state tree of Indiana.